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How long for the production of a jewellery piece?

Craftsmanship takes time. I do not rush for taking more orders, I like to take my time with each pieces, and to make sure that they are ready to be your life time companion. And for the sustainability reason, I try not to create surplus stock. Some pieces could be available the moment you place the order, but the majority of the jewellery is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for the production. Please contact me for availability and urgent shipping.

When would I receive my order?

I will have the order packed and shipped as soon as possible once it’s ready. Please check the SHIPPING for detail.


Can I return or exchange my order?

All the YING CHU jewellery are handcrafted and made to order, I unfortunately can’t offer returns or exchanges. If you have any problem regarding your purchase, please get in touch. I go to every effort to make sure that the pieces are the best they can. I would be happy to return or exchange anything that arrived broken or damaged. Check RETURN for detail.


What are the materials used for the jewellery?

Multiple materials are used in my pieces. The information is stated clearly in every product page specifically.

My jewellery pieces are mainly made with sterling silver and is recycled and nickel free, also to the highest quality possible. Sterling silver is also known as 925 silver, which is an alloy made from 92.5 percent fine silver and 7.5 percent alloy. The sterling silver that's used by YINGCHU is a mix of fine silver and copper, and is nickel free.


You can find several surface treatments I use on sterling silver. 

  • Pearly white
    The pearly white finish is my favorite kind of finish and also the most used in my collection. This surface is created by a technique which brings the fine silver preserved in the metal to the surface. The surface is a pearl like silver white colour. It reflects the light in a subtle and beautiful way.

  • Silver Shine        
    The silver shine surface is crated with burnish process. It gives a shining and reflective effect.

  • Oxidised
    Oxidizing is a chemical process used to blacken the Silver.


Please be aware that with the normal wear, some of the finishing looks will fade or disappear over time. The surface treatments and processes are not permanent.

Check CARE for JEWELLERY to learn how to take care of the pieces and have the surface remain in perfect condition for the longest time possible.


What is recycled silver?

Recycled precious metals are gold, silver and platinum extracted from existing metal pieces. The precious element is separated from any other metals it is mixed with, then melted down to be reused in new designs. The quality of recycled silver is just as good as non recycled sterling silver. The use of recycled metal could help to create a more sustainable future.

What is One of a kind piece or Limited collection?

YING CHU is made to celebrate the uniqueness of each person's story. One of the kind pieces are made one by one delicately, they have different looks and personalities, each piece will be exclusively yours. Limited collection is made with a mold coming from the original piece, and only limited amount of pieces will be created. . Despite they came from the same origin, they always grow into their own character during the process.

How can I order a solid gold pieces?

Most of the design you see in the shop are available in different karat of solid gold. The pictures of gold pieces displayed on the website are made with 18k yellow gold. The price and the colour of various golds are different. Please contact me for detail.

Do you take Custom orders?

I would love to make your dream piece come true! Please contact me for further information. Please note that once a piece has been made to order, a return won’t be accepted.


Where can I see your jewellery in person?

Please see the stockist list here. Alternatively, you can contact me to book an appointment.


How do I find out my ring size?

Please check the RING SIZE GUIDE.


Can I resize my ring?

I offer the service for resizing, although the customer may need to pay a small additional fee for it.

Please contact me for more detail.

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