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What is more fascination than the art and craft is the Mother Nature. YING CHU wants to take responsibility in a world filled with mass production and consumption. The improvement of sustainability is a never-ending journey.

As a one woman business, it's hard to achieve everything at once, but I am ambitious and eager to improve with every step I move forward. Every conscious decision is made with our beloved planet in mind.


In this fast-paced time, YING CHU wants to celebrate the craftsmanship and tradition. I do not work fast.Craftsmanship takes time. All the pieces are crafted slowly with my two hands and simple tools in a small workshop in Oslo.


Non seasonal 

YING CHU creates seasonless and gender-fluid pieces. The creative process is not influenced by seasonal fashion. All the works are created with highest possible quality material and well thought through , and will last for a lifetime.


Made to order 

I do not mass produce my pieces; the works are made to order via the web shop. It means less waste products are generated and the accumulation of unnecessary stock is avoided.

Recycle materials

All the pieces are made of recycled metal and the wax that's used in the crafting process is all reused. YING CHU tries to reduce waste during the process to minimal.

Reusable packaging

The pieces are shipped in reusable paper package and cotton drawstring, both can be used afterwards as a case and a bag for storage.

A tree is planted when you bring home a piece of work 🌱

YING CHU wants to take responsibility to keep this planet continue to be beautiful and vital for the upcoming generations. With each piece of work you bring home, YINGCHU will plant a tree. So you and the planet will both get a small companion. The tree will be planted via OneTreePlanted, go HERE to check out the amazing vision they are working on.


Support animal protection 🐱

YING CHU truly cares about the animal and wants to help them have a better life and living environment. With the collection KITTY POWER, YING CHU will donate 10% of the profit to SWCCF (Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation). SWCCF is dedicated to ensuring the survival of small wild cats and their natural habitats worldwide. You can go HERE to learn more about small wild cats and why they need our attention.

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