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Here are some tips to help you find your correct ring size.

  • Fingers do naturally fluctuate in size slightly, especially in cold and hot temperatures. Given this, it’s a good idea to measure multiple times at least over the course of a day to find the best size for you.

  • The ring must fit snugly over the widest knuckle and then not easily fall off.

  • A little movement is desirable once it’s fully on the base of the finger.

  • You should be able to bend your fingers into a fist comfortably.



It is most recommended having your size measured in a jewellery boutique to have the most accurate size. My pieces are measured in European sizing system. If you are uncertain about sizing, please contact me for assistance or book an appointment at my studio in Oslo. Please do not make size estimates to offset band widths, I will make adjustments myself.


If you have difficulty have your ring size measure, you can try to do it yourself with this RING SIZE CHART.

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