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Star trail

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  • The Star Trail Darrell Petska

    Stars like stones underfoot.
    Spangled light circling our heads.
    A marimba remix of gravitational waves
    ghosting our ear drums—

    Blue Earth fades to a dot
    as we tread the fenceless zoo:
    here roars the lion, rumbles the bear,
    scuttles the crab, wings the great horse.

    Beneath the keeper’s unseen hand
    we pass, unaccosted by eyes glaring
    of wolf and bull, dragon and serpent.
    Big dog and little bask in our tracks.

    Our heartbeats calibrate time,
    the hornets of hurry far behind.
    Arrows of hurt cannot reach us
    nor the shrill winds of worry.

    Through our home away from home
    we go, equals to the gods, minds
    wanting for nothing on the glittery way
    but the unbound breath that creates us.