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Do you dream of making your own jewellery, here’s your chance! 

Make your own Sterling Silver ring, earrings or pendant using the ancient goldsmithing method, lost wax carving.

This fun and relaxed workshop will walk you through the basic steps of hand carving your own jewellery out of jeweller’s wax. YingChu, a jeweller and artist, will guide you through the process of realising your vision.

You will hand-carve a wax-model of your piece from jewellery wax. And learn about the lost wax casting. A technique that first appeared around 6000 years ago. Furthermore, you will also learn about different tools and jewellery wax.

After the workshop, your wax ring will be cast in sterling-silver, and polished and finished by YingChu. Your piece will be available for pickup approximately 3-4 weeks from the workshop.

The workshop runs for 3 or 5 hours, depending on the pieces you desire to create. It’s suitable for complete beginners with no prior experience. And it will be taught in English.

The workshop price of the workshop depends on the hours.

2000 nok / 3hr / per person

2600 nok / 5hr / per person

The price includes the casting of your piece in sterling silver and enough wax materials to create a standardised sized ring. And you will be able to use all the specialised tools required in order to make your piece.

There’s no age limitation. The workshop runs both in group and one to one.

Are you curious to know more or ready to make your own jewellery? Fill out the form below and I will get back to you with more detail information!

Thank you! You'll hear from me soon!

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